Wine and Painting partyWine and Painting party Dekaios Designs LOVES art! That is why we are in this field, because we love it! Not only do we love helping you express yourself through design work and photography, but we really do enjoy helping you express yourself artistically! That is why we do so many crafty things. Every year we have a booth at Art in the Park and other craft shows where we sell not only photographs but slumped wine bottles, paintings, upcycled treasures, and even more fun stuff! If you are interested in purchasing any of those sort of things, please contact us today.

We also teach art classes, we currently have three art classes for homeschool children ages 4-12 years old. Occasionally we hold other random classes (mostly around Christmas) If you would like to know about those, feel free to contact us about that as well. The classes are 12 weeks long, every other week we do a clay project and opposite that we do 2-D work, often we will study famous artists and do a project inspired by them.

We also love to teach Wine and Canvas Painting Parties! We are happy to come to your home if you are interested in hosting a party. We will bring the supplies, and assist you and your friends in creating your own unique work of art. If you are not interested in hosting, we also teach the classes throughout the community. Follow our facebook @Drawn Out Beauty by Dekaios Designs for upcoming events.

Lastly, because we enjoy clay, we do have clay molds and a pottery wheel, we allow small groups in for private clay parties, or to paint clay molds.

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