Chris and Melinda

November 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Chris and Melinda were married at Club 10 in Point, it was a small wedding. It was on a Friday during the day. I wasn't there for the wedding, but the time I was there was enough for me to connect with them and to capture the memories. I was there for the grand total of One Hour! It was strange. But it was the perfect way to start the wedding season. A one hour week day wedding. They were not photo people and could not have handled me being there longer. They were just in love, they had been together for a while and were truly committed to each other. The best part of this session for me was that it was just after I had purchased my first 50mm lens, it was my first time to use it in it's professional role. I thought I was a professional before I had any prime lenses, but now I know I was not. This wedding was my season kick off and just the beginning of some huge steps I took this year as a photographer.


In this picture they were laughing because we had told them to look into eachothers eyes and they felt silly. It was sweet. They were so sweet!


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