Ode To Stevens Point

November 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The WI River is so lovely, just this weekend we kayaked. It provides great fishing, fresh air, and a place to be. It is what this town was founded on. Stevens Point is the headquarter and main location for Dekaios Designs, right in the heart of WI. As a long time resident of the area, it's a place that I easily take for granted. Wisconsin is hard to live in when it's cold. It's possible the dead of winter kills my joy for the state, but then Spring comes with all it's life and I remember how great life here actually is! I am not sure if it was the fun photo opportunities or just when I thawed out and woke up again, but somehow this Spring I remembered the sweetness of this town and it has clung with me throughout the summer.

There is so much I could write about I just don't know which way to take things. I guess one of the most influential things about this town, but not it's only great feature, is the University.

This was the original topper on Old Main, the original UWSP. I was fortunate to be the photographer of the Golden Iris Reunion, it brought back students who graduated 50 years ago from here. Seeing their reminiscent smiles and hearing their appreciation for this town was incredible!

Our university is a nice size, with lots of great educational opportunities, not just for the students but the entire town. My family moved here because my mother wanted to be a professor, my dad was retired, so we went to the town with the best school for her. She has a Masters degree and is a UWSP Associate Professor.

I studied at this University and have a respectable degree in Graphic Design. They also offer continuing education, which I have enjoyed, as well as my son, since they have classes for children. We have one of the largest Music programs in the state, mainly because we can utilize an amazing campus to grow it. As I type Week one of Suzuki Camp is happening today.  We are welcoming students from all over the US, some from Mexico and others from Canada. It is such an honor to be able to see our small town provide something so cool for the nation.

The Aber Suzuki Center at UWSP provides two weeks of American Suzuki Institute camp. This brings people from around the world together who delight to make music. It is such an honor to be one of their photographers.

The university provides knowledge not just to the students, but to the residents of the town. It provides entertainment, it provides cultural experiences, and most of all, what I have seen this year is that it provides memories and relationships. I really do love that as a photographer I have opportunities to appreciate that and capture it. Thank you!

This couple met while studying at UWSP. Love can be found here!



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