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Hello world, my name is Rosalind, I am a photographer and Graphic Designer here in Stevens Point. I am the main operator behind Dekaios Designs LLC, which was founded here in 2010.

I had always known I wanted to go into a creative field, it was my favorite thing all my life. As a child I displayed artistic works publicly many times, my first public artistic experience that I remember was a coloring contest done at BIG BOY, I won a Rocketeer poster, and was encouraged to keep coloring! I also had work displayed in the library as a child, and in high school at the Leigh Yawkey art museum. After high school I studied and received my associates degree in Early Childhood, my favorite part of that field was always art, I love teaching kids art, they are so free to express themselves, nothing holds them back!

I knew my heart was not in early childhood, it was fun, and not a waste in my time for sure! But my mind and heart was in art. After 6 years in Early childhood,
I applied and was accepted to UWSP, I went there initially just to pursue generals, not sure what my options were. After a year I met a student studying graphic design and I knew that was where I needed to be. I declared my major and took many, many, classes, I never attended school completely full time because I was married and had a little boy, but every step took me further, until I accomplished my BFA.
To anyone who can make it through school as a mother and wife, I know the battle and I am so proud of you!  While I was in school, we homeschooled, we did this Kindergarted through 8th grade, taking it one year at a time, always re-evaluating and making sure we could make it work. Here in Stevens Point there is a giant home school community, they have been a big part of my life, I love all the people I have met through it, I love what they have taught me and have been to my son. I love their support both through my schooling and after. A homeschooling family and college student mom, is a rare breed, I know of others, but maybe not everyone knows there are others, if you are like me, say hi! I understand your craziness, and I support you!

I graduated UWSP in Spring of 2010, and started Dekaios Designs right after. With my own business my schedule is flexible, it allowed me to continue homeschooling yet take on clients.

As a graphic designer, my first design challenge was promoting my own business. I have done all my own logos, ads, web work, business cards, signage...etc. etc. Graphic design is needed and amazing, but in a small town there is not always such a demand, in school we learned a lot of photoshop and the need for a great camera was important, which is why I also offer photography, they go hand in hand, they were both a huge part of my education, and they are both huge in my life today. I could keep writing, I could write on each of the topics I touched on, Early childhood, homeschooling, art classes, graphic design, and photography. But it's late, my husband wants to watch a movie, and I am not a great writer, this does take you to the point of knowing a little about me, maybe too much...I'll get back to you sometime sooner than later I hope, and I will tell you more :-) Thanks for reading.

*The picture is here just for fun, it's from 2008 when I purchased my first DSLR Nikon. I am a homeschooling mom and student. My son is the boy in the photo, the girl is like a daughter to me, a fellow homeschooler and great family friends. I am holding the violin in the back, I am not talented with the violin, I only knew enough to keep up with them at this age. This is 2008, home schooling, in school, and with my first DSLR Nikon!This is 2008, home schooling, in school, and with my first DSLR Nikon!Yes, I am holding a violin, my son plays violin. I only knew enough to play along with him at this age.


I am very proud of you and you are very humble about playing the violin.
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