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Usually when being contact to photograph a wedding I will here from the interested party about one year to nine months in advance. From there we will do contracts, payments, an engagement session, corresponding and planning. I like it that way because I get to know you and your spouse a bit more and know better the style you are looking for. Occasionally, at least once a year, I will hear from the bride and groom about a month or so before the wedding and take on a surprise client! Although I like getting to know you and communicating, it is kind of a fun whirlwind to get this surprise.

I just had this happen last month; I heard from Eric and Madeline in March and photographed their wedding in April. It was cool that they were getting married in Stevens Point, Eric is from here and Madeline studied here. Her mom was from here. This town was a center for them even though they have moved since; making it a challenge to plan a wedding I am sure!

Eric and Madeline decided to do a first look, this gave us time before the wedding for the bridal party photos, there was no rush to meet people for the dinner or pressure to get through the receiving line, and it was very pleasant.



You could tell they were very happy as a couple, and with their friends. Since they live States away I am guessing some of the people in their party are people they don’t see often, yet they picked up where they left off and had a beautiful and fun time.



The great thing is that Eric and Madeline had balance, they knew they were celebrating their wedding with friends and family, they enjoyed each moment. They also know they were pledging their lives to each other, and even though they were with everyone, they had brief moments of enjoying being together throughout the day. In the photo below they are in fighting stance, they met in Karate Class, so it was fun to have them relive it a little bit.


The wedding was at Trinity Lutheran in Stevens Point. Along with the beauty of all weddings, this wedding had a unique twist in that Madeline’s mother was the officiate. What a challenge that must have been! She didn’t show it if it was. She shared happy childhood memories, she shared about the relationship Eric and Madeline have, she shared great verses. She did an excellent job of sharing in the joy and pride she has for her daughter and new son in law.





Following the wedding, the reception was at the Blue Top in Point. During the dinner instead of clinking glasses they only kissed if people put money in the “boot” all the funds were then donated to an animal shelter. Madeline is studying to be a veterinarian and they both had a sweet love for their furry friends. This donation plan was great, but I think it lead to more kissing then they imagined. LOL.

Speeches and toasts were given; there were lots of smiles. And then the dancing began.


Just before the grand march they had a surprise, Batman and Superman crashed their wedding! Apparently Eric has been known to bring Batman to weddings, so it was expected that the favor be returned. It was very humorous. They danced to “I’m sexy and I know it”. The DJ was great fun and willing to go with the flow.



It was a fun day, low key, yet filled with laughter and joy. May God bless Eric and Madeline in their life together.


Special thanks always to those that make the day special.

Second Shooter: Hannah Demers

DJ: The Candy Shoppe

Venues: Blue Top Motel


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