Mother's Day

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 Motherhood starts in the womb, and then changes with the baby, and then again with the child, then again with the teen (this is where I am at...I don't like it) and then AGAIN with the adult, and AGAIN as a grandma...and so on. But regardless of the stage, you are always a mom. I love that. I am pondering the legacy of moms, and with that thought I have some photos I had the privilege of taking, that seem very fitting as I ponder this Mother's Day.

The first one is a large family that we photographed, they were so creative. The grandmother was aging quickly and they wanted some family photos to hold onto. I love the honor of being a photographer to capture these special moments. They had the entire family come over and we did a giant family photo. each child now has their own family and it was three generations. Each family unit is wearing it's own color, and grandma who was the start of it is wearing tie-dye, it was such a fun idea!

Families and generations.Families and generations.


The second idea was a Christmas gift someone had. They hired me to go to Grandmother's house and take photos of items that could be formed as letters, along with that a photo of grandma. At Christmas each grandchild received a framed photo of their name made out of the items they recognized from grandma's with a photo of grandma on the back. Recently grandma passed away, these photos have become such a treasure. A photo holds a memory, it's a record. I love that.

Letters from objects at grandma's house.Letters from objects at grandma's house.






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