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Natalie is 5 years old, she loves ponies and has the sweetest smile! She is also very photogenic and has quite a sense of style. They came in last year when she turned four and have returned this year at age five. I love watching your children grow and the opportunity to photograph them year after year. I also think it's so cool when they are allowed to express themselves, this year Natalie brought ponies, last year ice skates. I also love the handwriting of children this age, it's so cool that she agreed to sign her name and write her age in her own script. It really is just who they are at that season in life, identifying themselves, learning, and growing. The two times Natalie has come in, it's just her and her mom, I think that makes it a little more like a mother daughter date for this little one, it's a special time. So, she wore her favorite "Too big, but too cute not to wear, aqua dress" and brought her ponies, which she practiced posing at home before she came :-)




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