Memorial Day Memories

May 29, 2017  •  1 Comment

Happy Memorial Day! It is a blessing to celebrate this holiday.

In years past my son and I would call the veterans in our lives and ask them about the wars they were in. Sadly for the past few years we have not been able to do that to the same length because our family who fought in WWII has passed away. We still celebrate Memorial day with my brother, and with remembering what battles have been fought, both as a Nation and personally. Memorial Day is great to remember not just those who have fought for our country but those who have just come and gone. But it's not the same to remember people when they are here and when they are not.

One way I am remembering this year is through photos. I have a photo here of my Uncle in his Airforce Uniform, he fought over Germany in WWII. And a photo of family that I don't even know. This photos is OLD OLD. From the 1800s. But I love looking at it, I love the glimpse of past life I see in it, even though I don't understand it. I was thinking of the effort and cost it took to have photos taken in the 1800's, their camera's were not so easy to come by like ours, they had to stand still extra long. And I am sure the cost was more financially. Photos were rare and treasured. I am thankful now, because they give me a glimpse of the past.

These photos were not just taken for those in life then to remember, but for us, and for the future. And with that I go back to what I am always saying, Photos capture memories. And when the future is remembering, they might be remembering what is not known to them. These people we are remembering today on Memorial Day, they protected our Nation not just for themselves, but for generations to come. I was pondering today, what are we doing for the future? It seems like lately we have in our daily lives been living for ourselves, when there is really more we are living for.

Taking pictures, raising children, planting trees, fighting wars, teaching, writing, printing-some of these things are trivial, but important. These things are not for us. They are for the future. I am so thankful for what has been done in the past to help what is today.

Thank you! I would love to see some old photos you have! Please share :-)





Kaye Winkler(non-registered)
Well written. It is important to remember where we've been, learning and appreciating those that fought for our freedoms.
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