Wine and Canvas

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With Summer in full swing people are enjoying vacations, weddings, friends, and family! It's time to slow down a bit and maybe do something different or get out. All though this can be done any time of year, it seems like a good time to sit down and tell you a bit more about something fun Dekaios Designs offers and that's wine and canvas parties! Have you heard of these? They are a fun time were often adults, more often, women, get together with friends for a few glasses of wine, and a painting lesson.

The first Canvas classes we taught were at Michael's, I (Rosalind) worked there for over a year teaching about one class per month. I found the best way to instruct was to do my steps one at a time, to remind you that the canvas can be painted over, and to cheer for you. I actually can't help but teach the classes this way. The best way to teach is to show you, so I do. And I really am so proud of everyone who takes a class! 

The classes supply a 16x20 canvas, easel, two brushes, the pallet, and acrylic paint. We are currently able to provide supplies for up to twenty people. A group that size is fun, but challenging because we want to be able to help you and give you time to work, with a big group we often can't get to everyone. There are two of us currently who teach the classes, myself, and my assistant, Kara. We taught together in our home school co-op several years ago and have since then made a great team! She began assisting me with these in July of 2016 when I had a group of 12, and I have wanted her at every class since.

We have a few local venue's that welcome our classes, so if we needed to provide a space we could. What we enjoy most is teaching the classes in your home. The hostess provides the wine and we bring everything else, at the end of the party we even clean up!

Some great times to do these parties are for fundraisers, we are happy to work with that! Also, bachelorette's, birthdays, or just for fun.

We can use a variety of paintings for inspiration for what we will teach in the class. In the end it may not look the same as the original but that's a good thing, since no two paintings should look exactly a like, they are each individual's unique piece of art.

One of the most fun classes we taught was one at Judah Studios in Nelsonville, we used a very unique canvas, old saw's! They were so unique.

If you would like to have a wine and canvas party, contact us anytime. We are always willing to teach one. They are one of my favorite things to do!





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