Kayla, class of 2018

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Kayla is the same age as my son, we grew them up as family. We all went to the same church and we home schooled together. While I was in College, Kayla's family would babysit. We shared teaching classes together, and best of all, we rummage saled together. They were all like siblings. With all the support this family gave me through school, it is no surprise, they continued when I finished. The first year Dekaios Designs was in business, this family was in for Christmas photos, and they were back the next year, and the next year. Then they moved to Texas (SO SAD!!) But moving doesn't keep you away for ever. Kayla's family came back to visit and each year they did, they had family photos! Except for last year, that's when I visited them. They are the best kind of friends, basically family. Distance and time don't change things.

This year, was an extra special year, one that makes me cry because both Kayla and my son are getting Senior photos taken. Since Kayla was only here for a short while in June, hers are finished and made me reminisce. I had to look back at the past years, and they made me aware not only about how she's grown, but how my skills and business have grown. I had to share.

The photos below are from 2010 through 2016.

Kayla10-16Kayla10-16 This year with our Senior Photos we went to UWSP which is such a beautiful campus. Kayla wore a UWSP t-shirt because she (we) has hopes of coming here for college! Kayla-2524 copyKayla-2524 copy

We also went to a farm, when Kayla was a child she took horse riding lessons, her family is no stranger to plants and animals. It was a very fitting place. Her new hair style, and her dress in this unique background, were perfect.

Kayla-2564 copyKayla-2564 copy Kayla is into music, she has been playing guitar for several years now. The cool look of our downtown, with her guitar were the perfect style for her!

Kayla-2655 copyKayla-2655 copy Kayla's family has some very precise locations they must visit when they travel to Stevens Point, it's not so crazy that we included on in our session! BELTS, yum! Kayla-2757 copyKayla-2757 copy I am not sure if it was 2009 or 2010 that a huge trend started in Kayla's life and has since become a part of who she is. Looking at all the pictures I am sure you can guess it...Hats! She is always in one. It shows her character, she is fun loving and not afraid to be herself. I am so glad growing up doesn't mean going away! It's been a pleasure to capture Kayla's life moments so far, and it is so exciting to know there is more to come.





Ronda Cates
Awesome memories. You always capture her personality perfectly. It's hard to believe they're almost adults.
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