Drawn Out Beauty

September 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I, Rosalind, am the main photographer for Dekaios Designs LLC. And Dekaios Designs is a photography business. But there is more to me than just photography. All my life I have loved art, this is what has inspired me to become a photographer, mainly because life is art. Being able to see special moments and freeze them, to stir emotion and to look back on, that is art.

A creative outlet for me is painting and creating. Somehow, over the past several years, it should be no surprise that art has become a part of Dekaios Designs, which is a part of me, the owner. About 4 years ago I started teaching an art class for home school children out of my home, that is where I believe art began to become a bigger part of Dekaios Designs. One thing the art class brought was the purchase of a kiln to give these kids hands on experience with clay. This started to give me more hands on experience with clay, as well as with heating cool things, like wine bottles. Heating the wine bottles brought on more of the desire to repurpose. Now I am bending spoons into rings, forks into easels, bottles are dishes, windows are photo frames and chalkboards, and the list goes on. And it's so fun! When I am not editing photos, I am often making or painting something. This has resulted in selling these cool things, and in turn has lead to Dekaios Designs becoming "Hand made Art & Photography" It's great!

Dekaios Designs rent's space at an antique store called Antique Up in Stevens Point, you can find us at the back end of the first row, booth #32, we also sell item's at Judah Studios in Nelsonville and recently we started selling at "The Local" in Wausau.

We also do specialty items, for weddings we have things like bridal jewelry, we offer wine and canvas bachelorette's, and we hand paint signs. To me these things are more just creative expression over professional art like Photography. So I try to keep them separate. If you are interested in that side of things, I have begun a Tumblr page with photos of the artsy stuff. You can check it out any time at www.drawnoutbeauty.com, I chose that name because I feel strongly that that is what I do. Drawing out the beauty in you through photography, and through teaching you to paint, drawing out the beauty that I see in the art I do and the beauty of being creative. I love it! These things are great fun, despite it all my profession will always be photography first, but if that's not what you need, I love to be able to provide more. Thanks :-) -Rosalind



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