Kordell Class of 2018

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This is another boy who I have had the privilege of watching grow. It is so cool how great these kids have become, and even more exciting to see where they will go! Kordell is a long time friend of my son, and his mom is a long time friend of mine. We have struggled in teaching them as we homeschooled, we have celebrated victories, we have sent them onward, and now soon we will send them out! For some mom's this is sad, but I would guess for my friend as well as myself, and many others, this is exciting! They are ready and they are great.

AbishuaKordellAbishuaKordell Because I can, here is a cute picture of my son's birthday and Kordell next to him NINE years ago! Wow, time flies! Also, what interesting cake decisions I made that year, I wonder why?

When taking Senior pictures my package includes a 2 hour session in up to three locations and three changes of clothing, BUT sometimes, especially with boys, that is not so important. When that happens, just because you are a senior and this is your senior photo session, you don't have to use my Senior package! You can just schedule a half hour session, that's okay. That is what Kordell did, smiling, changing clothes, traveling, smiling more, changing clothes again, that was not for him. So after talking we chose a location that meant something, we went to Riverside Bible Camp in Amherst. This is a place where he attended camp. We met there, and enjoyed a beautiful morning with sunshine and smiles for a half hour and then parted ways. Later we met again, he and his mother selected the photos they liked best, from there I edited that selection and posted it to the website for their viewing and print decision making.

Please enjoy some of what we did. Thanks for reading about the process and my thoughts :-)

Kordell at RiversideKordell-3986 copy Kordell at RiversideKordell-3986 copy Kordell at RiversideKordell-3986 copy




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