Meaningful places

September 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Abishua17-5643 copyAbishua at the Family Farm

I always ask Seniors if there is someplace meaningful they would like to take their photos. My son chose to go to the camp that he has been going to every year since he was 7 years old for his session a few weeks ago. When my husband's grandparent's passed away the camp bought their family farm. When we went to the camp for the session I didn't even think of the farm. But we found our way there, and my heart is so happy. To me this is a meaningful photo, the barn in the background was built by Grandpa Kealiher, and three generations later my son stands with a smile on the brink of adulthood in that very spot. I love it! Some places can be so impactful, a part of your history, they mean so much in a photo. Photo taken at the Family Farm, a part of Riverside Bible Camp, this part of the camp provides produce for the camp to sell. As well as an outlet for campers, a place to be a part of nature, a place to learn about the countryside, which for many is not the norm.



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