Favorite Wedding Moments

I was working on a some wedding information booklet today and for fun I added a page of favorite wedding moments.  I know I could think of a favorite moment in each wedding I have had the honor of photographing, for the booklet I shared three. Focusing on these really does make it obvious that my favorite types of weddings are low key, Happy, and focused on Love.

Here are the three I shared in the booklet:



This couple was local and the wedding was in their backyard. When they said they didn’t have plans to hire a photographer for the ceremony I volunteered. They had already hired me to photograph their engagement and reception, so how I could I miss the wedding? It was almost like a reverse package since usually I offer a free mini engagement session. In this case the engagement session was longer than the wedding, so it was a free mini wedding. I arrived at 3:15, the wedding started promptly, the brother of the bride married them with a few special words, and by 3:30 I was headed home! Short and sweet. There were no bells and whistles, just love, family, and joy. Plus it was a beautiful Fall day and everything went so smoothly. It will forever be a fond spontaneous wedding memory.



This photo is the bride leaning on her brother with her bridal party in a walk in cooler. The wedding was in July on the hottest day of the year and outdoors! It was at a flower shop with a huge field that is a popular wedding location in our town, called Flowers of the Field. After the hot weather and the ceremony the bridal party all found the opportunity to cool down here. Not everyone fit at once so they were taking turns. Just a fun crazy moment!



This bride and groom were not your typical bride and groom. For the husband it was his second marriage, his grand kids and children were there to celebrate with them. For the Bride it was her first marriage and she was so in love and celebrating! They were super low key, and just downright happy to be together. They were willing to make it a celebration, married in a park on a beautiful day with a lovely breeze. A catered dinner and a live blue grass band. They were confident in all of us doing our jobs well and focused on celebrating each other and the occasion. The theme of the wedding was “Happiness” and that is how everyone there was. It was my favorite moment.

The other two I didn't have room for in the book but am thankful that I can blog about are these.



I think this wedding will always be on of my favorites because of how unique it was. It was a few years ago, March 14, 2015 to be exact. They were married on Pi Day in the Planetarium! I learned some great lessons from that wedding, particularly about the need to prepare for all lighting situations and how hard it is to do proper lighting in a planetarium. It was a fun wedding with a great couple. The reception was also one of my most favored. It was at a small restaurant in town with their favorite food, pies, and board games!



This wedding was an intimate occasion at the Chapel in the Woods in Waupaca, I enjoyed this couple because they were willing to have fun! They brought these masks along because it is their habit to always have pictures taken in them. Also, when it was time to do family photos they didn't want to miss anyone they cared about so everyone who came to the wedding was included in the photo!


Everyone :-)

Everyone :-)

Big weddings are also fun, It is a pleasure to capture each moment. It is especially great to have a second shooter and so many great photo opportunities. I am sharing this photo below because it is one that in the moment I missed. My second shooter, Hannah, got it and loved it! It was a fun surprise when I was able to discover it in the editing process. That discovery with every wedding and a second shooter is another favorite moment of mine.



LASTLY... This one is an embarrassing moment! I don't even know how this happened! And I am still so sorry! I was photographing a wedding, a beautiful wedding. And somehow I was calling the groom by the WRONG NAME! Finally one of the grooms men corrected me. So embarrassing! His real name was Mark, which is so strongly in my mind now that I can't remember the wrong name at all!

Rosalind Kealiher