2017 In Review Pt 1

For Dekaios Designs LLC 2017 was a different year. Looking back I would say for me personally it was a year of growth and rest. Both which are great things that make myself and my business stronger for 2018. We are certainly looking forward for all that is to come and so thankful for all that has been.

To take the time to share the highlights and reflect is so good for me to reflect on, I hope you enjoy as well!


RandyRenee-355 copy.jpg

December 31st was the last wedding of 2016 for Dekaios Designs, starting the New year with editing. The wedding was great fun and the editing is also good too. But this year we were leaving with family and our foreign exchange student for a trip to Los Angeles so we had a goal to finish editing by the time we left. In California we visited an aunt who was turning 100 in March! This was a celebration. It's a good thing we went when we did, we saw her at her best for the year. Later in 2017 she passed away, but not before turning 100 years old.

When we came home we had the pleasure of photographing this sweet girl turning five. I love that her mom allows the parts of life as it is today to be captured in the session!

1natalie-6 copy.jpg

We also helped a friend move to Minneapolis in January, which got us to the Mall of America, that was fun too! Looking back, it was a busy month. This type of reflection is definitely on my New Years goal to do more often!


The cold WI months are the ideal for Dekaios Designs when it comes to creating art, wine and canvas, and painting. I would love to take more photos in the cold months, but I understand why others aren't looking for that service so much. February brought with it, art, some photos courtesy of Central Orthodontics, who I love working with! Headshots, scheduling, and of course bad colds :-(  Especially for our foreign exchange student who was with us the first half of the year and not so accustomed to WI life.

2Brooke-1 copy.jpg

Here is one of the many beautiful post braces smiles brought to you courtesy of Central Orthodontic Specialists!

We also had a heat wave at the end of February, the snow went away and it was in the 50s! It was just what most of us needed. I am so glad I was able to have a photo session outdoors that week! This girl also had braces, the orthodonists allows these photos to express who you are as well, this girl was a basketball players, I am so glad we could capture that.

2Megan-9 copy.jpg

We also had the honor of photographing this cute little baby girl in February. She was so sweet and smiley!

2FebEmy-7 copy.jpg

Along with this sweet peanut. As you can see I love capturing them for who they are. She has her favorite doll and was being a mama just like her mama <3



In March we did something crazy and sold our house! We did this for sale by owner, here is a glimpse of the house we now miss.


3House-2 copy.jpg

We had a lovely opportunity to photograph a sweet infant boy. His Father knew Mom wanted photos of him so for Christmas he purchased a gift certificate which she redeemed when he was 5 days old!


3Kolten-20 copy.jpg

We also did a Senior Photo session out in the snow, it was beautiful!

3Noemi-5 copy.jpg

And these two sweet girls in their Saint Patty's Day sweaters!


Since we had a foreign Exchange student we wanted to take him to see as much of the US as we could, so over Spring break we took him on a Super Looonnnggg Drive to see Mount Rushmore :-)

There were also more orthodontic photos.

3Keagan-1 copy.jpg

And that was the first 3rd of 2017! It was a year with travel and time to self reflect and grow. One thing that has been a huge help for Dekaios Designs is that we joined BNI, Business Networking International. We actually joined in April, just after our trip to South Dakota. It has helped me, Rosalind, speak more confidentially about what I do, help me understand what better to promote, and network more with the central WI community of business owners. If anyone is ever interested in knowing more I would be happy to tell you more, sometime, I am sure I will blog about it in more detail.

Watch for Part 2 of our 4 part year in review tomorrow. Thanks for all your support in 2017 especially in this first quarter. We love you all!