Christmas Group Family Session

It is not very often that we use thumbtack, but everyone once in a while we will submit a quote. It always turns out to be for fun events.

Roni requested quotes for family photography. We were able to be there and it was a pleasure. Her daughter had shared with her that it has always been her desire to have professional family photos, so Roni, being the good mom that she is, made it happen!

We met on December 23rd when all the family was in town, 4 daughters each with their own individual families, and we took photos of them individually, as groups, and with just the grand kids. We did this all at PJ's which is a part of Sentry and had a great time.



As you may imagine, it is not everyday that everyone can clear their schedules and be places all together. And even for this session one son had a hockey game and he and dad had to miss. The good thing is that PJ's is very generous in sharing their space and they allowed us to come back. Since we were utilizing these amazing doors it was not so hard to just "add" the family back into the photo.

RoniFamily-8558 copy.jpg