2017 In Review Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, I am so glad I did this. For myself it helps me reflect, evaluate, and grow from the past year. It also really helps me appreciate each of you who were a part of it all!


In April we all had Spring fever! We also got hit with Whooping cough in our household, this went on for over a month so we took it a bit slower.

We had the opportunity for a few more lovely smiles from Central Orthodontic Specialists. This sweet girl looks warm, she said she was going to brave the cold and look warm because she had just spent Spring Break in Florida. You would never have known how tough she was :-)


4Kylie-0243 copy.jpg

We also worked with one of our favorite restaurant, Rock N Roll Cafe, Stevens Point, to update their fish fry menu. This is their baked Haddock. Yum!



We had a fun opportunity with Best Foot Forward Dance Company, taking the dance photos of all the students.




Mother's day brought our Mommy and Me special out.

5MommyMe-0361 copy.jpg

And we went on a tour with the UWSP Alumni Foundation "Golden Iris" group, this is fun because it's alumni who graduated from UWSP, as I did. Some of these are alumni who graduated 60 years ago and others 10 years ago. Either way, they value and treasure our community and remind me how great it is!

5Iris-0460 copy.jpg

Lastly in May, was Prom! My son was a Junior in High School and went to his first Prom, of course, I had to get photos.


5Prom-0269 copy.jpg


June is wedding season! Although we love weddings, this year we only took on 2 weddings. With all the events of the year it was hard to take on more. We needed the rest. But we are back for the 2018 wedding season and we are looking forward to it! We still have openings for those in need of a photographer, contact us today.

6CraigDawn-1932 copy.jpg

We met for some beautiful family photos at Jordan Park. This lady shared that she had learned the value of family photography when her brother passed away. You never know when life will changes so she booked us right away to capture the memories of today. We love that!

6Cindy-2062 copy.jpg

Sometime in the middle of June a huge storm came through our town. We had no power for 2 days and water damage as well as losing all the trees in our front yard. Thankfully our house and our lives were okay.

6storm-1620 copy.jpg

Our foreign exchange student from Germany Simon was still here for one week after the storm. He was very helpful to us in the clean up. We couldn't let him go home at the end of June without a family photo in the tree! Here in the photo is myself, Rosalind (owner of Dekaios Designs) Simon, from Germany in the middle, my son in the hat, and my husband, forever in Packer clothing.


Lastly in June was my husbands 20th year since High school graduation, time flies! It was a fun opportunity to hang out with old friends and take great photos in a photo booth!

6Reunion-2476 copy.jpg

Those are the second quarter highlights. Stay tuned for more tomorrow! Thanks for reading!