2017 In Review Part 3

So we ended the first six month of the year with our foreign exchange student going home which as always was a difficult good bye. He was a sweet boy who we hope to see again sooner than later. Hosting is a great experience, as a traveler I think you learn more about yourself when you travel and as a hostess you learn a bit more about the world. Simon was 16 years old for his year in America from Germany. He was a great addition to our family for sure. When you have a visitor as you may know, whether it be for a year or a week, life is a bit different. I would say when we host we are a bit "better" as people. We are more organized, we keep things a bit cleaner, we make dinner regularly, we are kinder. Him leaving didn't make those things go away at all, but maybe soon after we were a little more loose. One thing that happened after Simon left is my husband and I went on a diet, since I no longer felt the need to cook regular meals (because you know how it is in summer and with family-they are fine on their own, as was Simon, but for some reason as a host you are more diligent to cook). So we did the Whole30, the Whole30 challenges you to eat whole foods for 30 days as well as to reset your inners, it's pretty limited. No dairy, no sugar, no preservatives, no gluten. So in a more positive spin, lots of fruits and veggies, some meats, and nuts. We did this all of July, I also started jogging, which for me is no picnic! At the end of the 30 days I am not sure how much weight I lost since they encourage you to look at more than just the number on the scale and not weigh yourself. I am sure I lost inches, my skin was healthier, as was my hair, my wellness over all and of course my confidence. So I stayed with the challenge, not perfectly, but fairly diligently. Today is December 29th and for the most part I am still doing it and I feel pretty great!

This is a picture of myself in March right after having whooping cough and not exercising all winter, at my worst. And to the right is me in September after three months of being on the whole30.


Along with self improvement in July and working on cutting the tree we had some fun family photo opportunities, and high school seniors, we also did a wine and canvas party, and did some children's photos as well as headshots. Have I told you I love my job? Because I sure do!


This little peanut in her Fourth of July garb is so sweet.

6Staffiel-1473 copy.jpg

Children's photography in the studio.

6Stanke-1349 copy.jpg

Senior Photography on a super hot day! But she did so great, you can't even see the sweat!

7Emily-3450 copy.jpg

One of our favorite things is working with local business and providing employee head shots. This is a new staff member at a local business. We are so thankful for them and their support.

7Headshot-3619 copy.jpg

It was so exciting when we had an opportunity for a orthodontist photo in the tree!

7Logan-2223 copy.jpg

Sweet family photography!

7Krystowiak-3520 copy.jpg

Love the personality that comes out in three year olds!

7Lauren3-3746 copy.jpg

We were part of the joy of celebrating a quinceanera.


7Quince-2412 copy.jpg

An early morning Senior session at the farm.

7Sarah-2805 copy.jpg

And a senior boy in his neighborhood. I love when I can come capture you in your element.

7Weston-3134 copy.jpg

And one more Senior I would like to show, she traveled from Texas to see family and had her session here while she visited.

7Kayla-2705 copy.jpg


After just having Simon leave in June and clean eating all month, it was a bit of a challenge for me but a fun one, we hosted two more students just for the month! They were here through the university to study English. Hannah from Germany and Risa from Japan. It was cool because we took them camping on the Mississippi River and saw the eclipse!

The Bluffs overlooking the Mississippi-

8craftshow-4263 copy.jpg

The Eclipse!

Eclipse copy.jpg

We also had some fun Senior High sessions. This is on their family dock!

8Allison-4382 copy.jpg

I truly love my "regulars" Sam has had a yearly session with me since she was four <3

8Poirer-4144 copy.jpg

What I really love about Seniors, and I have mentioned this before, is capturing them in their element.

8Joel-3931 copy.jpg

And more beautiful smiles post orthodontic treatment.

9Abby-4495 copy.jpg


And the other wedding of the year for us, it was a fun one at the Appletree Lane Bed and Breakfast in Waupaca.

NickSarah-4988 copy.jpg


In September we participated in our favorite craft show, the Stevens Point "Art in the Park" we have had a booth there for as long as we have been in business, it is so fun to craft, to see and be a part of the community, and to relax for the day by the river with other vendors.

We also had our best friend visit and took family photos while they were here.

9Colburn-5368 copy.jpg

And I, Rosalind, photographed my own high school Senior, my son.

9Abishua17-5504 copy.jpg

And one more lovely brace free smile!

9Jada-5720 copy.jpg


It was a fun quarter for sure! Making this review does increase on of my personal challenges to myself for 2018 to blog more! These photos are just a glimpse that barely scratches the surface of the experience of photographing and being in eachother's lives!

Although the entire year has been great, the last quarter of this year has been the most exciting for us-stay tuned tomorrow as we wrap it up!