2017 In Review Pt 4


Senior Sessions. Then October comes and the first week is when the Fall Colors just really POP!

10Jese-5816 copy.jpg
10Julianne-6378 copy.jpg
10Seth-7201 copy.jpg
10Nathaniel-6490 copy.jpg

And some family and children.

10Lynch-5878 copy.jpg

But the best part of October is that my husband and I took the trip of our lives, we went with some friends on a Caribbean Cruise! We left our 18 year old son charge of the house and drove to Florida. From there we went to Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico and back.

The band playing at the port in Haiti~

10Cruise-0413 copy.jpg

And the beach front~

10Cruise-0417 copy.jpg

The Streets of Jamaica~

10Cruise-0455 copy.jpg

Ocean side~

10Cruise-0536 copy.jpg


In Mexico we were in Cozumel, but we took a bus for 2 hours on an excursion to Chichenitza~

10Cruise-0685 copy.jpg


It's true that a photo says 1,000 words, so I will for the most part continue to just let them speak for themselves.

However, November was starting to get pretty chilly, this was one of my last Senior Sessions of the year, this boy did a great job braving it.

11Dylan- copy.jpg

I love this sweet baby's Fall out fit!

11Theresa-6750 copy.jpg

November is the beginning of Christmas photo specials!

11ChristmasminiNov-6913 copy.jpg

And we welcomed another sweet infant. This sweet girl was less than 2 weeks old!

11GarbeBaby-7485 copy.jpg

The last Senior Session of the season at his family farm!

11Jeff-6877 copy.jpg

We did some corporate work, very few of the people in this photo were in the room at the same time...

11largegroupmixfinal copy.jpg

This photo below is my brother's family in front of the fire place of the home we grew up in. This photo will always have a bit more value to us as a result of the location.

11Runnion-7163 copy.jpg


12Bielan-8057 copy.jpg
12Schafer-8245 copy.jpg
12Stankewinter-8281 copy.jpg

And that's a wrap! Doing this year in review has definitely motivated me to want to blog more since there is so much more I wish I could say about each of these sessions! And there is so much I didn't share or show. All who have been a part of 2017 have been a blessing to Dekaios Designs, we appreciate you all and look forward to seeing you again in the New Year. It is an honor to celebrate life with you. Thank you for the privilege!