Thank you for visiting our NEW website! It has just launched this past week. The change is good and prompted some important work to get done. Although a fresh start is a good thing, we will miss the strong foundation our other site had established. Even though nothing more than the website has changed, it does feel like we are starting over and with that I am happy to once more introduce Dekaios Designs to you.

We are a Photography and Art business located in Central WI. Our business is run primarily by yours truly, Rosalind. I started this business after pursuing my degree from UWSP and wanting to be able to work from home. My degree is in Graphic Design, which is a great base for anyone who is interested in studying art. Originally Dekaios Designs was Photography and Graphic Design, but last year, after 6 years of doing both, I made the decision to drop the design and focus specifically on the Photography. Mostly that's what we were doing anyway and that is definitely what we enjoy doing the most. The art side of things is mainly a hobby, but since it is an investment it is part of Dekaios Designs.

So...What do we do?

I say "we" because there is a lot of great support for Dekaios Designs LLC although the face and hands are mainly mine. I have a husband and son who accommodate the work often. Sometimes you will meet my son who occasionally assists on a photo shoot.  My husband also spends a lot of time listening to my ideas and creative processing as does my mother and friends. Along with that, we have a few second shooter who assist in wedding, specifically Stephanie, who I don't want to work without! She is my go to assistant. When she is not available there are other great helpers including Rachel and Hannah. In the past we had another assistant, Naomi, but she has moved away. Along with them, there is a whole group of wedding and photography professionals who to me are like co-workers. We meet, we bounce ideas, we share referrals. It's a great community!

In the Photography world Dekaios Designs LLC specializes in "Life Moments" we love to celebrate with you! Be it a special occasion like a wedding, senior photo session, or a new baby. Or sometimes it's just that life is good and you want to remember it as it is. The ordinary can be so extraordinary. It's such a privilege to capture what you see as normal, through my eyes it's something different since I don't live it. It's a pleasure to see it and capture it fresh. On top of that, to treasure it and see it 20 years from now is spectacular!

In the art world-

The art world entertains and challenges as much as the photography world. I love to try new things with art. Some of the things we do that don't change include wine and canvas parties: myself and an assistant, (either Dani or Kara-who are both great!) come to your house with all the supplies. Set up, teach you to do a step by step painting, clean up and go. It's super fun if you are interested in hosting! I also make spoon rings and other trash to treasure jewelry that is sold at the Local in Wausau, I manage a booth at Antique up that is a fun place to express myself and sell my vintage treasures, and occasionaly I am honored to teach classes and sell some furniture at Judah Studios in Nelsonville. Anywhere we can sell our melted wine bottles you will find those as well.

I have discovered I don't do well with commissioned art requests since mainly this is just a creative hobby, I don't like the pressure of commissions. But occasionally we will take on the challenge of a mural if you are looking for that!

I don't share the art so much on the website, if you want to see more of that, Dekaios Designs is on tumblr at: www.drawnoutbeauty.com

This art along with photography sounds like a lot! Please don't worry, it's not overwhelming. While many work a 40 hour a week job, manage a house hold, and enjoy their own hobbies, this is what I am doing. I couldn't ask for anything better! I love what I do and I am so thankful for all your support. Thank you!

In a summary, this is a little of who we are. The more I blog the more I hope to go into this all a bit more :-)