Baby's First Year

We Started 2018 with a new, fresh client, her name is Ginny. She was born on Christmas Day and was one week old the day of our session. She was a great way to kick off the New Year!

Ginny-8813 copy.jpg

Ginny's family are long time friends of Dekaios Designs. We have had the pleasure of growing with them. The Year Ginny's oldest brother was born was the year we started offering our first year package. This package is for three sessions during the baby's first year, one at New born, 6 months, and a year. It has been a pleasure to photograph both her brothers with this package and do it again with her. We love to provide this, mainly because we love getting to know your family and watching your sweet little ones grow.

Ginny-8755 copy.jpg

It is so fun to look back over these photos. Babies change and grow so fast!

Below is Ginny's middle brother's first year.


First year photos do take a little longer at times, we know there may be interruptions with feedings or changings that need to happen and we plan for that. The first session is best when the baby is less than 10 days old. Sometimes the family isn't ready to venture to new places, if you prefer we come to you, we are happy to set up in your home for that session. The next two sessions are then at the studio. If you want to throw in a family photo while you are here, we don't mind :-)

This is Ginny's oldest brother's session in 2013


As you can see we have had fun with some common outfits on the two boys. I am sure we will find a way to incorporate these with Ginny, but the family admits having a girl in their life has turned their world upside down. It's so sweet!

We would love to provide the first year sessions to anyone who is interested. Feel free to contact us anytime. Thanks! -Rosalind