Bridal Expo

Last Sunday we had the privilege of being a part of the Creating Memories Wedding Expo in WI Rapids. It was the first time we had participated in this particular bridal expo and it was a good experience.

Expo's are a great opportunity for you as a bride to walk around and quickly gather a lot of information about a variety of vendors at once. We enjoy that we are there focused and prepared to discuss our services.  We are often this way, but at an expo this is at the forefront of our minds. In my office I don't always have this much prepared to show you as quickly as I do at an expo.

Bridal Expo-9267 copy.jpg

At the expo we displayed images of our work and had our packages there ready to be shared. We also shared some of our art. We shared how we can melt bottles, teach wine and canvas which is fun for bachelorette's and some of the jewelry we can make which is great for the bridal party.

Bridal Expo-9278 copy.jpg

Most of the brides coming through were just getting started in their wedding planning with weddings coming up in 2019 and 2020. It was fun to see their minds turning as they considered all the possibilities. It's always a pleasure to get to know new people and other vendors. If you came and saw us, thank you! We look forward to connecting again in the future.

Bridal Expo-9269 copy.jpg

Thanks for reading! Have a great day! If you have questions about the expo or our services, feel free to contact us anytime!