I can't wait for this year's wedding season!

We are at Peak Engagement Season and with that I am getting Wedding Fever!

I met with a bride and groom today, their excitement and planning made me so excited for the big day! I CAN'T WAIT! Warmer weather, family, smiles, flowers, travel, visions becoming realities, it sounds like such a celebration. As a photographer our delight is to capture it all. And I really can't wait for this years upcoming Weddings. I can truly see my growth in my business from last wedding season till now, I have a few new lenses, more confidence and knowledge in my equipment and in my skills, I know my team well, we are ready! I am so eager to see what we will have to show you. Our first wedding of the 2018 season is scheduled for April 8th and like I said, I CAN'T WAIT! Stay tuned for the blogs to come.