Day 7

Yesterday (Day 7) was the second to last day. Each day has been packed full and each of us have had our own adventures both together and apart. There is so much more I wish I could write about each day, but I guess we will just have to talk in person. Right now most of the group went up to see the Christ Statue that overlooks the beach here in San Juan Del Sur. I didn't go, which I am bummed about, but also welcoming the time to pack and gather my thoughts, plus I am hoping for some swim time. The rest of the day includes the Masaya Market, and a bus ride back up to Managua which will take about 2 hours. I am not sure if I will be able to blog about it since the plane leaves tomorrow early, we have to be to the airport at 4am. This will be rough but we should be home around 4pm so that will be nice. I've enjoyed sharing with you all regardless, thanks for reading.

So yesterday I started the day with a walk on the beach, hearing the surf, collecting rocks and shells, feeling the sand between my toes, it was a great start. We had breakfast at the hotel and headed over to the lending library for our final workshops.

I gave Abishua my camera and he was able to get photos of the other classes we taught.

I gave Abishua my camera and he was able to get photos of the other classes we taught.


While we are here we are staying at Hotel Isabella. This hotel is owned by an American Woman, Jane, who is Amy's friend. She says she want's the feel of the hotel to be like coming to Grandma's house, and it is like that. It's a great place to stay. Jane also started the first lending library in Nicaragua. Public libraries here don't let you take books home, just look at them carefully while being watched, and then cautiously returned to the shelf. Because of this Amy and Jane started the projects. You can see more about Jane's library here: 

The women who came to our workshops traveled from far distances by bus to get there. Some came to all our workshops. A lot of them are teachers at their centers. They came to learn so they could teach at their centers. At this last workshop some brought gifts to share as they said good bye. We all feel so loved here.

In the afternoon there was an optional hike up a mountain with the reward of a scenic view and zipline at the top. The ride in the jeep thing was thrill enough for me! It was around sharp curves on a dug up path, the rocks had not been removed and there were huge ruts, plus we were on the edge. It was slightly terrifying! But at the top, the view was pretty great.


I lived vicariously through Abishua as he ziplined. Ziplining here is not like at home. It took over 50 minutes to go. They went on at least 10 different platforms over the scenic forest of palm and fruit trees. They were literally among the monkeys. Oh, and we also saw a few sloths.


Once they got out of site we walked around a bit and took in some nature.



We also saw some cool birds, mean ants, and giant spiders. The rest of the day included a lovely dinner and beautiful sunset on the beach.


Thanks for reading!


Rosalind Kealiher