I met Brooklyn's family last winter. I am part of a group called The Rising Tide where we offered photo session free of charge to family's who were nominated for whatever reason. Brooklyn's family was one of the nominee's who came in that day. When she turned two I was honored to be contacted to photograph her. Sadly, January brings so many colds and sickness, so we had to postpone our session until last weekend. I just finished editing and am delighted to share a few images. The session was done indoors at the studio. Brooklyn came in very happy and ready to smile for the camera!

Brooklyn-0230 copy.jpg

Holding things made her a little more relaxed, she likes crinkly paper so we gave her a bow.

Brooklyn-0242 copy.jpg

Her biggest smiles came when she was looking at daddy! She could not take her eyes off him.

Brooklyn-0286 copy.jpg

This is when Brooklyn started to get tired. She had gone on an Easter Egg hunt before coming in. I still love the serious contemplative look on her face.

I am sure you are thinking that Brooklyn lives at a slower pace then most of us. And she does. But that slow pace allows for more opportunities to take life in and love it! She is so sweet.

Thanks for reading!