Night Time Senior

It's a bit early in the season for a 2019 Senior session and a bit late in the year for a 2018 Senior session. For these reasons I was very surprised when I got a call from my youngest cousin to schedule a Senior session last week! However, I must add- it's a great time to be thinking about your Senior session if you are a Junior, and if you are a Senior planning a party and would like high quality invitations, it's a great time for that.

My cousin, Vicki, is graduating from Kenosha in May, and their Senior photo requirements are due by April 10th, so we had very little time. She works three jobs in Kenosha, and is still looking at schools for college next year. She was going to be traveling right through Stevens Point on her way to visit a campus WAY up North so she scheduled her session for on her drive home. By the time she arrived it was late and she still had to get dolled up, with three jobs and school along with a drive it's was impossible reschedule so we had a night session. I was not prepared for a night session, but with my new Einstein light and now having tried it with my cousin, I can't wait to do another night session. I also am left with so many ideas I can't wait!

We stepped outside and had Vicki sit on a barrel against this old wooden garage door I use as a wall in my backyard.

Vicki-0313 copy.jpg

It was a bit chilly so we didn't do much away from this particular spot, which is right outside the door. But the lighting was dramatic and fun. And left me wanting more. Our studio is located right across the street from a football field. Had I been prepared and it not been so chilly it would have been so fun to go over to the football field and take some night shots. I am hoping to do that some day soon and I can't wait to blog about it.

This photo is not from this session, but it's a photo of the stars as I lay in the middle of the football field one night a few years ago.



After Vicki and I got too cold we entered the house and took some studio photos.

Vicki-0345 copy.jpg

Vicki and my son are both the same age and both musicians. It's not often we get together but when it works it's great to hear them jam together.
It was very easy to suggest a prop for Vicki. I encourage Seniors can bring props that communicate a bit more of who they are. My favorite thing is seeing people express themselves!

The photo that will be in the yearbook for Vicki this year:

Vicki- copy.jpg

She has grown too fast and become a beautiful lady! I am excited to see her success and thankful for the moments I've been fortunate to capture in her life.

Thanks for reading!

-Rosalind, Dekaios Designs LLC