Baby Sarah

My brother and his wife just welcomed sweet baby number 4 to the world! Of course, because it's my brother I have had the privilege of photographing all their sweet children at various points. It's a pleasure to watch them grow.

Here is their family at Christmas, two months before Sarah's first breath of earthly air.

Runnion-7128 copy.jpg

Unfortunately the baby was born just days before we left for Nicaragua. We were gone for two weeks and it was so cold and snowy upon our return that we didn't get to meet her until she was two months old. So we did a three month old photo session, which in many ways is more fun than a newborn session because three month old baby's are so much more interactive.

My new niece, Sarah.

My new niece, Sarah.

My niece, Rachel, who is the oldest, is so excited to have a sweet baby sister! I am sure over the years they will have lots of similarities, but right now I think they look so different from each other. Of all my nieces and nephews Rachel is the one I did have the privilege of photographing closest to the newborn stage. Rachel was born on May 19th eight years ago. My father passed away on May 23rd, eight years ago (That's today!). It's incredible to believe that much time has passed. And it's even more amazing to see the time pass in my lovely niece. Of course my brother's family, new first baby and all were together with us as we made arrangements and prepared for the funeral in 2010. So I did get infant photos of her, just as I was starting my photography career. It's incredible how life goes on. I know if my dad were here he would be so proud. I also am amazed at what started as a blog post about this fun infant-ish session has turned into this memorial. Thanks for reading.

This is Rachel at about 10 days old.

My niece Rachel, eight years ago.

My niece Rachel, eight years ago.

They definitely look like sisters. And looking back at the photos takes me to what I value most of photography, capturing the memories. Time goes on and we shouldn't live in the past, but to treasure it, really is of high value.