Some of the most unique photography can come from photographing dancers. They are used to be in the spotlight, they have fun costumes, and know how to move in a way that flows. Although I really love photographing all sorts of people, and am happy to do so, dancers are really fun to work with!

Because of this I love opportunities to photograph for studios. When Best Foot Forward Dance Co asked me to do this for them last year, and again this year I found it such an honor.

The instructor at BFF is very organized when it comes to photography and makes everything flow very smoothly. We did the session after everyone had received their costumes for their recital. Making it a great opportunity to try everything on and have fun.

We did the photography over two evenings, starting each session with "The Littles"

BFF-0961 copy.jpg

Not only did we take photos of the groups, but also the individual students.

BFF-0915 copy.jpg
BFF-1146 copy.jpg

We also photographed a class of hip hop students.

BFF-1025 copy.jpg

And a single ballerina. (I am not sure if she was a ballerina, but she looks like it and is so beautiful!

BFF-1046 copy.jpg
Another fun troop!

Another fun troop!

Some of the classes were large groups and others were more individual. Ages ranged from children to adult.

BFF-1300 copy.jpg

A few of the students couldn't be there. We did a make up session and were able to combine a few photos.

Lyrical copy.jpg

The dancers at BFF are wonderful people, willing to have fun and share their talents. It is such a pleasure to capture and meet them!

Thanks for reading!