My husband's uncle Dan asked me to be the photographer last July when we were at his son's house for a picnic. Prior to this picnic I had only met Dan a few times early on in my marriage. When we first met, his wife Sharon was still alive and they were a very happy and sweet couple with adult children and grandchildren. They had never lived near us so the times we touched base were great, but few and far between. Sometime later they moved even further away to the Carolina's. While they lived there Sharon passed away, luckily Dan still lived close to his son and had a good support system. Naturally when his son and family came back to Central WI, Dan also came. He moved back to his home town of Waupaca and just down the road from where he was renting for the time being was a gal he had known since high school. Long story short, they reconnected and we celebrated their wedding in May! The theme of the day and most valuable part was their love for each other and family. I am not sure that Dan and Bev personally are the type for big parties and photography, but I know they love their families and most important to them was getting them all to meet each other and cherish this day, which was done successfully through this wedding.

We started out at the church with a few shots of Bev getting ready.

DanBev-2246 copy.jpg

The wedding started promptly and Bev was walked down the isle by her grandson.

DanBev-2301 copy.jpg

They had each written their own vows, Bev's matron of honor was a long time friend, and Dan's best man was his brother.

DanBev-2323 copy.jpg

They did a unity candle like many do, but then they also did something unique and had a family tree. Each Family member came up and added themselves to it. It was really cool.

DanBev-2344 copy.jpg
DanBev-2361 copy.jpg

It was all sealed with a kiss!

DanBev-2387 copy.jpg

The most important part to Dan and Bev was Family photos. Dan was very organized about this, he had a note book with everyone listed which was so helpful! They even had it written in the program who they needed to stick around. It was great!

DanBev-2423 copy.jpg

Corey's dad was the best man, it was fun to get a photo of him and his brother. In this image they are flapping their ties around, I think it had something to do with Abbott and Costello :-)

DanBev-2504 copy.jpg

Since it was family, my husband and I even got a quick photo of ourselves thrown in the mix.

DanBev-2535 copy.jpg

After the family photos, we snuck away to get a few images of just the bride and groom at Brainard's Bridge, a park in Waupaca.

DanBev-2572 copy.jpg

There was a reception at the Ramada with delicious food, and great company. It was fun to catch up with our family and get to know Bev's family. There was a toast to the bride and groom of course and a few speeches.

DanBev-2624 copy.jpg

After the cake cutting the day was over for us. A good time was had by all!

DanBev-2648 copy.jpg
DanBev-2660 copy.jpg

You could genuinely see the love for each other and value for family in the day. They wanted it to be special and unifying for everyone. I think they did that well. It was a pleasure to be there and an honor to call them all family.

Thanks for reading!