Wedding moments

2018 was full of wonderful weddings!

Stephanie and I had the privilege of capturing some great moments.

These are a few of my favorites.

This wedding was last March in Plover WI, it was a small wedding and the weather was not pretty. But they were so happy to be together that their love and beauty made everything else radiant.

MikeAl-306 copy.jpg

In April when we were imagining photographing outdoors with flower blossoms we were instead photographing in 3 feet of snow! One wedding that was supposed to be much larger ended up small due to travel conditions, it was crazy, but no less of a party!

TaylorJake-1837 copy.jpg

This wedding was in the lodge at Jordan Park, also in April when we expected Spring. It was still such a beautiful day.

NateReketa-0769 copy.jpg

In June Stephanie and I took on a lovely wedding in a venue I had never visited, Caribou Bay in Coloma, which is 45 minutes south. The couple spent the week in their retreat center with their wedding party and family and had a beautiful celebration to wrap up the week.

GrahamKelsey-269 copy.jpg

Another favorite and unique opportunity was the sparkler send off we photographed. The wedding for this couple was in Florida where they had photos taken, here they had a small reception with friends and family. The wanted a few candid moment photos and then photos of the sparklers. It was a fun event on a lovely July night.

Sparklers-6513 copy.jpg

We also took part in a few lovely barn weddings and park weddings, but the last one I would like to share was on my favorite list because it was so unique, it was at a campsite. They hired me last minute, They are “Birders” and said if any birds came down during their ceremony to capture them. And a few unique birds actually did. Many people there were birders, the ceremony stopped as we took in their song. It was a lovely wedding.

The bird is lower on the branch to the right.

The bird is lower on the branch to the right.

JerryMaureen-1918 copy.jpg

It was a year full of special moments. It was an honor to celebrate them all. Thank you again for the opporunities.