Silverware Jewelry

It is cold COLD in WI today! The temperature outside with the windchill this morning was -49*F whoa!

It’s hard to believe (or admit) but in Summer when life is full of fun, sunshine, photography, and chaos, sometimes I look forward to days like to today. In Stevens Point today life is canceled. It’s too dangerous to be outside, and no one expects or wants you to take the risk to do so. So it’s a slow day and that’s what I love about winter. Yes, I have been a little concerned about some outdoor things, I woke up at 1 am wondering about the batteries in my CO2 detector. But right now we are safe and life is quiet. I love that.

When life is busy, art takes a backseat for me, but yesterday and today I have had a little time to make some spoon art. I am always looking for phrases to write on these pieces, if you ever have ideas or special requests I would love know them and be happy to make them.

These key chains and bracelets are fun and creative, but they are difficult on my forearms, to make them I first flatten the spoons on an anvil, then I stamp them with letters that look like thick nails which I tap (hard) with a hammer. Next I bend them, drill them, and sand them smooth. After all that I take them upstairs, since I do all that at my work bench in the basement at my house. Upstairs I clean them and blacken them, and also embellish with wire and beads. No two are ever exactly the same. I am always looking for phrases, and I am always shopping for silver. But it’s a labor of love, it makes my heart happy to see them worn and admired. So thank you for loving my art. I sell them at The Local in Wausau, and in person. This week at The Rose house we are doing an event, Freedom Cafe, I will have them there for sale. Key chains are $7, stamped spoons are $8, bracelets and rings are $15, earrings and necklaces are $20.

Thanks for reading! Take it slow today :-)

SpoonPS-5345 copy.jpg
Rosalind Kealiher