Part 2 of 2018

I am really struggling to finish my recap of 2018 because I am ready to move on to the present! So I will try to make this brief so we can forget the past and focus on the present!

I discussed June in my last blog, but it’s hard to summarize an entire year! There is so much I am missing and forgetting to include. After that post I started looking at a wedding I second shot with my photo friend Jen. It was so beautiful that I am going to start there today. It was in a lovely place and one of the cool things they did instead of a unity candle or sand ceremony is they did a wood burning together. As you can see pictured here.

Euler-3619 copy.jpg


It gets so hot in July that no one wants to take photos! Which by then it’s a welcomed break. Especially with allowing for time to spend with family and get a bit of a summer vacation in. But regardless, we did get some great photography in, doing this recap helps me to see it was more than I realized, and also a lot of fun! Have I told you before? I love my job!

We had the opportunity to do a sparkler exit for a small fun wedding in WI Rapids. This was one of my first sparkler exit experiences. It’s tricky because you only have so many seconds to get everyone lit and waving their sparklers while the couple walks through. Along with that and the camera settings, it’s a scary photography experience in a way. But it all worked out, many fun evenings in the past of playing with light made this great!

Sparklers-6513 copy.jpg

We took some family photos on the fourth of July this year. I try not to do that, but for this family who is dealing with cancer, I could make an exception.

Hielema-6133 copy.jpg

We also had a lot of fun with an engagement session that included the couples sweet furbaby and water since it was so hot in July :-)

Corey+Brie-6472 copy.jpg

In July we received a call from a sweet woman who was looking for maternity photos. It was a pleasure to do that, two weeks later it was a pleasure to take infant photos!

Baby-5521 copy.jpg


In August my family hosted two foreign exchange students for the month from Germany. Hosting really does give you the opportunity to see your everyday surroundings through fresh eyes. It is a fun experience! My son also moved away to La Crosse so he could start college.

We did take some headshots, and also a photo for a magazine. This kitchen was designed by Welling Kitchens, pictured here are the key players in making that happen.

Welling-7987 copy.jpg

August is the best time for photographing High School Seniors, we did several of those in August and loved each one. Each Senior is so unique!

For this session we went to Waupaca, it was great to have the change of scenery.

For this session we went to Waupaca, it was great to have the change of scenery.

It was hot! So easy and fun to get in the water.

It was hot! So easy and fun to get in the water.

Arial-7590 copy.jpg

High school senior guys are fun to photograph, but they don’t get into the outfits or backgrounds the same as high school senior girls. It really was so great to get three high school girls photographed in August.


In September everything got crazy! It was a good thing for me, because with my son just moving it could have gotten sad. But instead we were celebrating some beautiful events.

Berndt-114 copy.jpg

The extra fun part of this wedding was that we did a bachelorette wine and canvas party in July. So on the wedding day we knew the brides maids. I wish I was better at taking photos of the wine and canvas parties. I will start!

CodyAlycia-130 copy.jpg

For the first September wedding it was a beautiful September day, but for the second September wedding it was really hot and muggy and there were mosquitoes everywhere! How does this happen??? But it was beautiful!

KyleStef-229 copy.jpg

Kyle and Stefanie had their wedding at Standing Rocks at the end of September, it was lovely and such a pleasure to be there.

In September after months and months of thinking and praying we placed an offer to purchase some space downtown. The offer was excepted and we started the process to close in November. The process included selling some property we owned, inspections, repairs, and all that fun stuff.


We were hired at the end of August for a wedding in October, it’s usually with more advanced notice that those things happen. But when it can work out on short notice it is a fun surprise. This wedding was so unique, personal, and beautiful. The Fall colors were at their peak, and the wedding was at a park with only their closest family and friends.

JerryMaureen-1919 copy.jpg

The Fall colors are great for High school seniors, and with the yearbook deadline in November, October is the last chance. We had many great opportunities with them.

Gage-1369 copy.jpg
Dominique-1541 copy.jpg


November was the time to catch up on the editing. Along with actually closing on our new property purchase. The doubt and nervous excitement of this lasted all month. When it actually happened it was shocking! Even more shocking was all that we had to learn. Like where the lights are. How we want to remodel, what we should do first….Aahhh!!!! Right now in January I am finally feeling acceptance of this crazy thing. As I was reflecting on the year of 2018, I was recalling that at the beginning of the year my goal was to face fears, and to get more organized. After about mid February, those things became more subconscious, perhaps to the point of forgotten :-) But they must have stuck. Because facing my fears by doing something big and scary happened! And juggling my time and keeping the books in order happened fairly successfully as well! This year my “word” of the year is BOLD. I am not a fan of words, and I am not sure I really picked a word, it just happened. BOLD is coming. And now that I have faced my fears I am excited to learn to be BOLD, and go with confidence. Thank you to you and all the people of 2018, I wouldn’t be able to do any of these things without you!

My husband and I at our “Before” party. As in, before we remodel.

My husband and I at our “Before” party. As in, before we remodel.

Just before Thanksgiving we were hired by Santa, we took photos of him at breakfast with the children. It was so magical to see the kids and their love for Santa! It really does bring some extra love to the holiday.

Santa-4380 copy.jpg


This opportunity to photograph Santa gave inspiration for photos with Santa in our new space. We will do it again next year, and things will be so different from this year even though this year with Santa at our space was a great kick off to a new thing and way to end the year.

Santa the the Rose House, which is our new space, with sweet little Klaire.

Santa the the Rose House, which is our new space, with sweet little Klaire.

There is so much I am not sharing, and it’s not because the other things were any less spectacular. Looking at what I am typing it was a busy year, but I want you to know that the busy of the year was okay, because it was a good busy doing things we love. Please never feel like I am too busy to photograph, because photography is a relief and a joy.

Happy New Year! I am excited to unfold 2019 through blogging with you.

Thanks for reading!


Rosalind Kealiher