I really do just get to have a lot of fun as a photographer! There is a lot of editing, and education, and computer work involved. But the days out in the field capturing the moments are thrilling. There is little I’d rather do. A few weeks ago we had the privilege of meeting a lot of fun people over at Carousal Gymnastics. If you have never heard of them, it’s a family who is skilled in gymnastics and has exchanged their barn for a cool gym and business. It’s surrounded by farm fields. It sounds strange but when you enter the barn you would never know it, it looks like a gym full of mats and chairs and coaching and bars. It’s really amazing. This year they changed up their team photo routine of being photographed in a studio for being out in the field (literally!) We had so much fun out there chasing the light capturing the team and individual photos. Here’s a few shots of the teams.

Group1b copy.jpg
Group2e copy.jpg
Group3b copy.jpg
Group4f copy.jpg

The instructors had fun posing them in gymnast moves and incorporating it all into the field and tractor surrounding. It was a perfect day and a blast!

Thanks for reading :-)