Photographer Emergency

With a title like “Photog Emergency” there could be so many crazy circumstances that could invoke fear for any fellow photographer reading. It could be that I couldn’t do my job, that my camera broke, that no photo turned out, that my memory card deleted before I could save the files…If you are a photographer you understand the fear in any of those situations. This makes me more aware of all the responsibility that comes with being your photographer. We know we are the ones carrying ones memories. Not just any memories but special ones. In order to do this we buy the expensive gear, we study how to pose you, we practice setting our cameras, we edit meticulously. It’s a big job. Bigger than I sometimes want to think, because realizing the weight of it might make it less fun. But even in my awareness there is still delight for it. I love what I do and I love being a part of a great community of local photographers who will pull through when you need it.

This week another local photographer wrote on a message board about their panic because they were in the ER and had a wedding to photograph, so many photographers tagged other photographers, expressed concern, and shared the post. I was blessed to be able to help out at this wedding. The photographer was so dedicated, she had a hemotoma in her shoulder which required emergency surgery. Despite it she left the ER, schedulded the surgery for a bit later in the day and was at the wedding! She couldn’t physically take too many photos and you could see she really would have loved to. Her regular second shooter and myself filled in along with a new assistant she was training. She was still able to direct. She was in pain, but it didn’t completely stop her. I had never met her before, but I look forward to getting to know her when she is able to breathe and smile!

It was a beautiful day for a wedding and the couple was so understanding. The wedding was very earthy. They spread lavender down the isle. Mixed with the fresh air the scents were incredible. Her bouquet was peppered with sprigs of rosemary, mint, and lavander as well. It was so sweet.

They had a dedicated photographer who gave up everything to capture their day, it was a pleasure to assist and really take in the memories along with them. I am so grateful to have this job, and people who not only understand but are willing to be there to help as much as I was. There is so much assurance in that. Thanks for reading! Happy Spring!

Rosalind Kealiher