Congrat's Seniors!

Some of my favorite people to photograph are high school Seniors. It’s hard to believe it’s only been since last Fall that I enjoyed photographing the class of 2019. I am sure they’ve done a lot of growing and life has been memorable and changing so quickly for them. They are on the brink of new horizons. I am exciting and praying for each one of them. I’d like to to take a moment to wish the class of 2019 well as they move on and welcome 2020 as they step in! WOW!!! 2020, this is a year I have always dreamed about. At age 8, I wondered…what will 2020 be like? I never really knew what to think, it was all just so beyond me. Now it is right here, coming up, and I still am amazed by what it will be. Congrat’s class of 2019! Welcome 2020!!

Dominique-1528 copy.jpg
Elizabeth-2-75 copy.jpg
Gage-1409 copy.jpg
Sam-7822 copy.jpg
Thomas-6726 copy.jpg
Arial-7613 copy.jpg
Keygan-6016 copy.jpg
Kirsten-0823 copy.jpg
Taylor-7361 copy.jpg
Vicki-0327 copy.jpg
Zach-1136 copy.jpg

Congratulations to you all!